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Closing a deal in real estate is a lengthy process. Physical transactions are essential during closing, but the pandemic changed the way we do things. People need to stay indoors, pushing them to work-from-home.

Status of the Real Estate Market

Similar to other fields, the processes in real estate changed drastically. According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States is experiencing a housing shortage this pandemic.

Other blogs like A Wealth of Common Sense mentioned that the real estate market is experiencing an imbalance in supply and demand. Homebuyers find it challenging to find a property, given that the choices and competition is limited in the market. On the other hand, sellers are hesitant in selling their properties, because their options to buy are low.

According to experts, the trends in real estate in 2020 will continue this year. In 2021, we expect that the interest rates will remain low while the average home prices will increase. Home supply will also remain low, and homebuyers are leaning on the countryside real estate.

Closing a Real Estate Deal in a Pandemic

Real estate during COVID-19 is continuously running where homes are still being bought and sold, even with fewer physical interactions. The secrets behind being able to close a deal are constant communication and trust.

Since face-to-face interactions are restricted, apps, such as FaceTime and Zoom, are extremely useful. Realtors can visit and inspect the house for their clients. They can have video calls with them so they can see the property and ask questions as well. For buyers, loans are still available, making it easier for us to purchase a property.

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