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Located in southeast Wisconsin, the Village of Slinger offers a small town atmosphere while being conveniently situated 35 minutes north of the City of Milwaukee. Slinger is in Washington County and is surrounded by the Kettle Moraine State Forest, offering plenty of recreational activities that families can enjoy.

Homes for Sale in Slinger, WI

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Sold in Slinger, WI: A 3-bed, 3-bath, 3,400-square-foot single-family home

 Located in Washington County, Slinger is known for being one of he best places to live in Wisconsin. The community is close-knit, where neighbors and residents feel like an extension of the family. If that’s not enough, this suburban gem offers excellent dining, plenty of bars, parks, outdoor activities, and the world’s fastest quarter-mile paved oval speedway. 

With easy access to Highways 41 and 60, the Village of Slinger is located in southeast Wisconsin, only 35 miles north of Milwaukee. It occupies just 5.31 square miles and is surrounded by the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  According to the United States Census Bureau, Slinger’s population was 6,116 as of July 2021. Nearly a quarter are aged 18 and below, with those aged 65 and above comprising 17%.  There are approximately 2,300 households within the village.


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There’s nothing like Slinger, WI to upend the cliche of the quiet village. While it is, indeed, a haven of tranquility, some of the town’s notable attractions are anything but.

  • The Slinger Speedway is the most celebrated. This paved, quarter-mile race track has 33-degree banked corners and bragging rights to being  the “World’s Fastest Quarter Mile Oval.” Jeff Bloom set the current track record on August 21, 2020, in a 410 extreme winged sprint car. He clocked in at 9.908 seconds, the first lap record under 10 seconds on a quarter-mile oval track of any type. 

  • Little Switzerland Ski is referred to by many as “Little Switz,” one of the oldest ski hills in Wisconsin. The slopes, which originally opened in 1941, have seen a lot of snowboarding action, along with 18 skiing trails and three terrain parks suitable for every skill level.  The resort offers two dining options: the Chalet Restaurant & Bar located at the lodge and the cafeteria for skiers on the go.

  • Pike Lake Unit in Kettle Moraine State Forest: Pike Lake Unit is a full campground with 33 sites, including electric amenities. Situated on State Highway 60 between Slinger and  Hartford, the campsite offers the best of the outdoors:  guided kayaking tours, sunset standup paddle boarding, star gazing, hiking, and campfires.

  • The Wisconsin Auto Museum in nearby Harford is a shrine beloved by Slinger motorheads. Wisconsin’s largest auto museum and the original home of Kissel cars is a showcase of historical vehicles, from vintage cars to automobile artifacts. 

  • The Historical Museum in downtown Slinger opened in 2020 with the aim of preserving the beginnings of the village in 1845 up to the present day. Artifacts from an old railroad depot, vintage items, old farm equipment, a functioning theater organ, and assorted collections are housed in the 3,000-square-foot museum. 


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While it’s known as Slinger today, that wasn’t always the case. The village was originally called Schleisingerville, after prominent villager Baruch Schleisinger Weil, a merchant and politician who purchased 2,000 acres of land in Washington County in 1845. Over time he built a general store and opened a distillery in 1945 for local farmers, loggers, and North Americans. Eventually, the village grew, with more traders and skilled folk settling in. 

Weil worked hard to achieve the town’s rapid development, which made it the trade center for multiple adjoining towns. He also lobbied to have his town become a pass-through and stop of the old LaCrosse Railroad (later the Milwaukee & St. Paul Road) route. This brought in entrepreneurs of all stripes, including merchants, bankers, blacksmiths, hoteliers, and tanners. 

Farming, retail, banking, and small-scale manufacturing were the economic bread and butter during this time. Following World War Two, the Village expanded its heavy industry. It  included the Slinger Foundry Company, which included Briggs & Stratton and Harley-Davidson as among its manufacturing clients,  In itself, the Slinger Super Speedway remains vital to the local economy, drawing in over 100,000 spectators annually. 

With the town’s proximity to highways, the city boomed between 1970 and 2000. The increasing suburbanization of Washington County, allowed Slinger to experience rapid population growth and real estate development. 


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SOLD!  A 4-bed, 3-bath, 3,042-square-foot single-family home

Slinger, WI, real estate has been in high demand, fueled by its reputation as a desirable and increasingly convenient city. Much like a bedroom community, the town has  become the place to come home to for professionals working in a big city like Milwaukee. Most of the homes for sale in Slinger, WI, are single-family homes with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 

Whether you’re searching for your first home or thinking of upsizing, you’ve probably come across many Slinger listings in different house styles. Listings are a great way to gauge the types and styles of available houses for sale in Slinger, WI, and help you identify the properties that suit your needs and design preferences.

Available property types and amenities

Slinger, WI, has all types of homes available in the market, the most common being single-family homes and condominiums. 


Living in a condominium or apartment in Slinger, WI, will get you way more bang for your buck than if you were to live in a condominium in Milwaukee or other big cities in the United States. Condos in Slinger, WI often feature a walk-out balcony for natural light and a breath of fresh air, a full kitchen, and a main bedroom with a walk-in closet and an ensuite bath. A second and third bedroom may have  a dual closet and a spacious  jack-and-jill bathroom. Price tags are likely to include a covered parking spot and appliances.  

Single-family homes

There’s a variety of single-family homes with your name on it. 

Choose a 3-bed, 2-bath Ranch-style home if you want to sprawl with ease. Enjoy open concept living and walk-in closets in the main bedroom. If there are more rooms than occupants, then turn them into a home office, a gym or fitness room, or a possible nursery in the future.  Entertain in your private backyard and store tools in an outdoor shed. 

Or, you might come across larger, Colonial-style homes measuring around 2,300 square feet. Expect 3 beds and 4 baths, as well as  updated kitchens, sleek appliances, and new countertops. Invite more guests with expanded indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. Or explore acres of preserved land. 

Types of homes in Slinger, WI

Slinger, WI has a gamut of house styles that will please a wide range of buyers. Check out the styles listed below and see what fits your lifestyle. 

Craftsman style:  Craftsman style is often associated with bungalows, but many homes in this style are multi-story. It typically features built-ins like bookshelves, hand-laid fireplaces, and window seats. The style is marked by a low-pitched gable (triangular) roof, patterned window panes, a covered front porch, exposed beams, and large columns. These homes are quintessential American family homes built for comfort and warmth. 

Ranch style:   Ranch homes are popular in Wisconsin because of their sprawling design and connection to the outdoors. Ranch homes are single-story homes with a wide façade, spacious garages, and low-pitched roofs. It’s loosely based on Spanish Colonial homes but designed with flexibility and access. The interior tends to have an open layout with large picture windows and sliding doors that provide access to the deck or backyard. These homes were popular in the 1930s at a time when new families were looking for spacious, cost-effective homes. 

Farmhouse style:   These homes are a modern interpretation of the traditional rural farmhouse that sits on large acreages. Farmhouse style comes in different forms such as Victorian and Colonial. It was usually rectangular with clapboard exteriors and long porches. 

French Country style:   French Country-style homes were inspired by the homes in the French countryside. The design bears similarities to Farmhouse homes but with pointed roofs and shutters, a predominantly stone exterior, and a warm, subdued palette. French country-style homes typically have a weathered look with distressed wood accents. 

Contemporary style:   Today’s Contemporary homes sport eco-friendly materials with a design focused on clean lines, neutral colors, and textures. While the homes and designs can vary, a Contemporary home tends to fuse the interior with the exterior, offering an efficient sense of flow.


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Now that you’ve shortlisted the property type and  home style you prefer, here’s what you’ll experience as a Slinger, WI resident.  

One of the best things about living in the suburbs and communities like Slinger, WI, is the work-life balance you can look forward to.

Like many suburban towns, Slinger, WI, offers plenty of room for indulging in the best of what the area offers. With four seasons, Slinger has a host of activities that celebrate spring, summer, fall, and winter. The local museum showcases the town’s rich history.  And the gorgeous Big Cedar Lake just a few minutes from the town center beckons for outdoor fun and adventure.  Essentials such as healthcare facilities,  Chrysler and Chevrolet dealerships, and the Piggly Wiggly strip mall are conveniently located along Slinger’s  main road. 

If you’re raising a family, the suburbs are a better option because of the lower cost of living, reputable schools, greater proximity to nature, and the perks of growing up in a caring and supportive environment borne of a close-knit community.

Niche rated Slinger, WI, 29th of 266 in the category of Best Public Schools within Wisconsin. It landed in the top 11% of the state’s ranking for Best Places to Raise a Family in Wisconsin. Regarding housing, Slinger, WI, is well within the Top 20% of Best Places to Buy a House in Wisconsin. 

Here’s a snapshot of what it ‘s like living in Slinger, WI:

Community vibe

Like many small towns, most residents own their own homes, making it likely that you will have long-term, close-knit relationships with your neighbors. Many establishments are homegrown, meaning money made and spent tends to stay local. 

Cost of living 

Another advantage of suburban living is the lower cost of living. Renting or buying houses for sale in Slinger, WI, is usually cheaper than in the city. The value of your money is considerably higher in a small town than in the city. While this is most evident in rentals and housing, the same is true for practically everything else – food, clothing, transportation. Thus, you can save and do more with your money living in Slinger, WI. 

Employment opportunities

The Village of Slinger is strategically located in Central Washington County, making it a hub for local businesses and trade. Slinger is bordered by Highway 41, a short drive to the City of Milwaukee, offering urban employment and recreational activities. As a small town, agriculture and manufacturing are a major part of the town’s economy. Small businesses also have plenty of opportunities to thrive with lower overall expenses than in a larger city. 

Based on employment rates, jobs, and business growth coupled with the cost of living, the median household income in Slinger, WI, is higher than the national average. It’s also good to note that for those reporting for work, the average commute is about 25 minutes, making travel to and from work a breeze. 


Based on feedback and reviews on the popular rating website Niche, Slinger, WI, has received top marks for its public school and education system. Slinger School District has five schools with a teacher-student ratio of 1:18. Quality of education is a point of pride, with the latest national scores showing that 72% of students at Slinger Elementary scored at or above the proficient level for math and 62% scored at or above the proficiency level for reading.

Future plans 

According to the Slinger Comprehensive Park, Recreation & Open Space Plan 2020-2025, there are programs to upgrade select local parks to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. They propose expanding the village’s active and passive recreational lands, ensure inclusivity in the designs of open spaces, provide adequate facilities, and secure resources for sustainable maintenance. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a small town on the outskirts of a big city like Milwaukee, Slinger, WI, is the place for you. 


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Buying a home can be a stressful experience, but with the right broker, the process can be smooth and rewarding. If you’re looking for houses for sale in Slinger, WI, Jim Emmer, a top Wisconsin broker, is ready to be of service. 

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