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Located in southeastern Wisconsin, West Bend, Wisconsin is the seat of Washington County and has a population of just over 30,000 people. West Bend offers a small town atmosphere, while the City of Milwaukee is conveniently located only 35 minutes away. With its many parks, surrounding lakes, and nature trails, West Bend is a great place for outdoor activities.

Homes for Sale in West Bend, WI

4-bedroom property in West Bend, WI

Thisrecently sold 4-bedroom property in West Bend, WIsits on 5 acres and comes with a pond stocked with fish

With rising costs lowering quality of life along with congestion in cities, we’re now seeing a shift in how and where people want to live. While people generally love the energy and accessibility offered by a big city, many are now looking elsewhere and appreciating the kind of life in smaller towns and cities. West Bend in Washington County, Wisconsin, is one area that has been garnering attention. Read on to find out why homes for sale in West Bend, WI are in high demand and why the city is now being called home by a growing number of people.

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About West Bend, WI

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West Bend, Wisconsin is the seat of Washington County, situated in the southeastern part of Wisconsin. With a population of just over 30,000 people, West Bend is perfect for those looking for a small town atmosphere while still being conveniently close to the perks of the city of Milwaukee , just a little over 30 minutes away. Surrounded by numerous parks, lakes, and nature trails, West Bend is also a great place for those who love the outdoors and basking under the sun.

West Bend has a rich history spanning centuries, beginning with the pre-Columbian Mound Builders who created rounded heaps in the area between 650 CE and 1300 CE. Some of their work survives today as part of the Washington County “Island” Effigy Mound District, to which the Lizard Mound County Park in the nearby town of Farmington belongs. The Potawatomi and Menominee Indians lived in the area that now constitutes present-day West Bend up until the 19th century, when white settlers arrived. These settlers soon formed two communities: West Bend and the now defunct Barton, which was incorporated by West Bend.

The town of West Bend was formally created on January 20, 1846, and it became the seat of Washington County after Port Washington, the original county seat, became part of Ozaukee County. An attempt was made by the County Board of Supervisors to change West Bend’s name to Lamartine City. This was immediately dialed back as it was an unpopular move and the name reverted to West Bend only 18 hours later.

The construction of a railroad in 1873 resulted in West Bend’s growth in terms of population and economy, and while properties were initially located on the western edge of the Milwaukee River, residents soon began to develop property on the eastern bank as well. West Bend formally became a city in March 1885. In the 1890s, the rural market town began to transform itself into an industrial city. It experienced a major growth after World War II, when more people moved to the city, commuting from West Bend to Milwaukee for work.

Today, West Bend remains a thriving city that has achieved that all-important balance of progress and tradition, with a small-town atmosphere that persists even as the city continues to grow.

Homes for sale in West Bend, WI

A 3-bedroom single-family home in West Bend, WI

Just sold: A 3-bedroom single-family home in West Bend, WIthat sold for $11,000 over the list price!

West Bend has an annual population growth of 0.09% annually and its population has increased by 1.83% since the 2010 census. It’s a modest increase, but people’s interest in the city is growing, especially when one considers that the cost of living in West Bend is7% lowerthan the national average. The quality of life here means that people are increasingly taking a look at the homes for sale in West Bend, WI.

The West Bend realty market offers a wide variety of properties catering to a range of budgets. As of February 2022, the median listing price in West Bend, WI was just under $270,000, with a median home price per square meter of $167. The median home sold price was at $239K. On average, listings in West Bend, WI sell after 46 days on the market. So, whether you’re starting out your life’s journey or you’re meaning to splurge on that grand mansion you’ve always wanted, there’s a good chance that you’ll find one here in West Bend.

The following are some of the common types of homes for sale in West Bend, WI and in nearby areas.

Waterfront houses

The surrounding towns that are part of West Bend feature rolling acreage and impressive houses that open up to amazing views of lakes such as Green Lake and Big Cedar Lake. Typically equipped with gourmet kitchens, floor-to-ceiling windows, and outdoor fire pits and grills, these well-appointed properties feel much like a vacation getaway that still puts you close to the activities in the city.

Ranch houses

Open-concept ranch houses can provide a nice change of pace for you and your family. Some are built on several acres of land, providing utmost privacy. Ranch homes give you the convenience of having everything on one level. There are no stairs to worry about and they have a cozier feel than a two-story home.

Luxury homes

Varying in style from Neo-traditional to stone houses to Contemporary, these houses are stacked with ultra-modern furnishings, plus extra details; it won’t be surprising to find properties that have two sunrooms, a wine room, and a theater room.


Perfect for those who are just starting out or those who want to downsize, the West Bend real estate market also features listings for condos, particularly new-construction ones.

Living in West Bend, WI

A happy family walking in a park

Living in West Bend, WI means you’re able to enjoy an array of activities that feed the soul and help build stronger ties with the community. There’s something for every interest, and definitely something for anyone who wants to explore a new hobby.

Outdoor activities

Those who love the outdoors will definitely love and enjoy living in West Bend, WI. A place teeming with parks, green spaces, lakes, and nature trails,there’s an abundance of things to do and places to visit year round.

Weather in the area averages around 81 degrees and around 11 degrees in winter. The place has an average annual rainfall of 31.4 inches and an annual average of 45.6 inches of snow. West Bend offers quite a slew of activities all year round for those who wish to call it their home.

Those who enjoy hiking or simply walking around nature will be delighted with what West Bend has to offer.

  • A paved path that wends through the city along the banks of the Milwaukee River.
  • The Eisenbahn State Trail is perfect for those who enjoy walking, running, biking, and roller-skating.
  • Those in it for a challenge will be thrilled to know that the 1,000- mile National Ice Age Trail also crosses through West Bend.
  • If that’s not enough, West Bend still has more than 1,200 acres of parks and green space for you to explore.

Those looking for other recreational activities will find them just north of downtown in Regner Park. The park offers a wooded area for hiking, a baseball diamond, a community pond for fishing and swimming, a beach, and sports fields for soccer and softball.

On the southeast side of the city, you’ll find the Roman “Doc” Gonring Athletic Complex and the Quaas Creek Trail at Quaas Creek Park. Enjoy scenic bike and pedestrian trails, three softball fields, a children’s play area, and a canoe launch. Or head to the Lac Lawrann Conservancy, a 137-acre nature preserve with five miles of trails.

Community activities

Beyond the plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities, West Bend offers a lot more fun things to do and places to explore. A farmer’s market is held in Downtown West Bend every Saturday morning from May through October annually. It is one of the largest farmer’s markets in Southeastern Wisconsin, which includes entertainment from various places and more than 65 vendors selling a wide variety of fresh produce, prepared meals, and more. It is truly a sight to behold and is, in fact, listed in Vogue magazine as one of their favorite farmer’s markets around.

In the summer, those seeking to unwind and relax will find it every Thursday night through Music on Main. This is when the street in Downtown West Bend is closed to traffic so different bands at Old Settlers Park can serenade you each week. Local restaurants, in turn, are designated to showcase the best they have to offer.

Two notable summer events for you to look out for are the Maxwell Street Days and German Fest. Regner Park also hosts the Riverfest (formerly Seafood Fest) every year on the first weekend of June. Music aficionados will enjoy the more recent annual event, the JazzFest, held in Riverside Park.

Arts, culture, and adventure

A smiling female in a camp

Those who enjoy the arts will be delighted by the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA). Founded by West Bend’s Pick family in 1961, MOWA was originally called West Bend Art Museum and collected the works of Milwaukee-born artist Carl von Marr. Today, it is a regional museum that showcases the works of Wisconsin artists from 1820 to 1950. In 2007, it began to incorporate contemporary Wisconsin art and works from before 1820 in its catalog.

West Bend is also known as the Geocaching Capital of the Midwest. Boasting more than 1,200 caches within a 10-mile radius of the city, it is not hard to see why. Those who enjoy the thrill of the hunt should be on the lookout for the annual Cache Ba$h that’s been sponsored by the West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce since 2008.

Winter fun

Winter and the holiday season in West Bend sees no shortage of things to do. Regner Park has been home to the holiday light show, Enchantment in the Park, since 2012. It is a charitable event presented by the local Rotary Club in collaboration with those from nearby communities and accepts both monetary and food donations to help support local food pantries.

Winter also transforms the Eisenbahn State Trail and the Lac Lawrann Conservancy to a snowy wonderland. There’s also the Glacial Blue Hills Recreation Area, if you find those two areas a little too familiar during your stay. Sunburst Winter Sports Park is also worth checking out. It is one of the world’s largest tubing parks in nearby Kewaskum, featuring a whopping 45 tubing lanes, and it also offers snowboarding and downhill skiing. Lastly, Little Switzerland is located just 10 miles southwest of West Bend in the charming town of Slinger. Skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels can revel in its 18 downhill runs and three terrain parks.

Another place of note

The Washington County Fair Park and Conference Center lies five miles south of the city. Built in 1999, it has a 24,000-square-foot pavilion, a theater to provide entertainment, and agricultural and equestrian complexes. It holds more than 350 events throughout the year, from weddings to sporting events and the Washington County Fair every July. Definitely worth checking from time to time.

These are just some of the major attractions in and near West Bend, WI. We are pretty sure you’ll find your own little favorite spots once you settle in!

Beyond recreation

A businessman with a meeting going on in the bg

Living in West Bend, WI, goes beyond simply being a resident in an exciting place. Aside from providing access to a wide gamut of recreational activities, West Bend is a place where you can build a life for yourself and your family.

West Bend’s economy has been historically based in manufacturing and financial services. Two of its prominent institutions are the West Bend Mutual Insurance Company (founded in 1894) and the West Bend Savings Banks (founded in 1926 but now known as Westbury Bank). It was also home to the West Bend Aluminum Company (founded in 1911 by Bernhardt C. Ziegler) until 2003.

Currently, many residents find work in nearby communities, which isn’t really a problem because Milwaukee is just half an hour drive away. The city is served by US 45 as a freeway bypass west of Downtown, Wis 33, and Wis 144.

West Bend has options for public transportation and has great city and taxi programs, should you choose not to drive.The Washington County Commuter Express provides bus service to and from the city of Milwaukee as well. If you need to fly out, the West Bend Municipal Airport is three nautical miles east of the city’s central business district.

Those with or wanting to start a family will also be glad to know that West Bend has a good selection of schools.The city is served by the West Bend School District. The public schools in the district include six elementary schools (Decorah Elementary School, Fair Park Elementary School, Green Tree Elementary School, Jackson Elementary School, and McLane Elementary School), an intermediate school (Silverbrook Intermediate School, for grades 5 to 6), a middle school (Badger Middle School, for grades 7 to 8), and two high schools (West Bend East High School and West Bend West High School).

A unique addition to the school district is the West Bend Virtual Academy, which is authorized by the West Bend School Board. It serves students from grades K-12, and classes are conducted live online, with the courses offering a personalized learning experience and regular communication with state-certified online teachers. High school students who attend the virtual academy can earn all the necessary credits and get their diploma from either West Bend East High School or West Bend West High School.

Aside from schools in the West Bend School District, other educational institutions operate in West Bend. Along with a selection of Pre-K and K-8 private schools, you will find Rolf’s Educational Center, which offers Head Start, Title I, and Early Childhood Development Programs. The Montessori Children’s House provides the kind of nurturing preschool education that will help kids become competent and creative. West Bend’s post-secondary schools include the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County and Moraine Park Technical College.

Overall, West Bend offers a great selection of industries and institutions for you and your family so you can create and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. And the first step to making this happen is to find a place you can call your own among the homes for sale in West Bend, WI.

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