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After months of hard work, you’re now putting on the finishing touches to your home remodeling project. But your work isn’t quite done yet—here are some last few steps to take before closing the chapter on your latest project.

  1. Do a final walkthrough/inspection

    Much like closing on a property, doing a final walkthrough of the room or area you have renovated will help you assess whether the work has been done according to your needs and specifications.

    This will give you the opportunity to ask the contractor questions about the work they did as well as point out any mistakes or details that you find unsatisfactory.

    A reliable contractor will fix any imperfections quickly before closing the project.

  2. Gloss it over

    If you find any cosmetic imperfections, like tiny scratches or paint splatters, now’s the time to smooth things over with some paint, varnish, or fillers. This will help ensure that renovation work was done properly and that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome of the project.

    While these hairbreadth scratches or splatters may seem negligible compared to the massive effort you put in for the bulk of the renovation, it’s best to attend to these details now while you still have the time, budget, and energy.

  3. Tidy up

    A good contractor will not leave a work area in complete disarray. You should be able to expect your contractor to do basic clean-up by clearing away scrap materials, work equipment, electric wires, and other items that may jeopardize your safety. However, you may have to do a clean-up of your own just in case they missed stray nails, brushes, or bolts in the area. And get ready to clear away lots of dust.

    If you don’t have time, there are cleaning companies that specialize in post-renovation clean-up services.

  4. Get the necessary warranties and insurance

    You may have to get warranties and update your insurance policy depending on the nature of renovation work. If you just brought in some new appliances and major units, filling out the warranty cards will save you the headache if something fails later on.

    Likewise, if you had a new room added to your property, you may have to declare the extra square footage to update your property tax information.

  5. Draw up a maintenance checklist

    Now that you’re done with renovation work, you need to know how to maintain and repair that new addition to your home. Work with your contractor or vendor to come up with a preventive maintenance checklist to help protect your investment in the long-term. You can also ask for referrals for repairs and replacements.

  6. Buy new furniture and décor

    Now comes the fun part—dressing up your new space with furniture and décor of your liking. Create a shopping list to stay focused and on budget while hunting for new furniture and accessories. Come up with a fun theme to guide your shopping and design choices during this part of the process.

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