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Set up for romance in these Green Lake, WI attractions

Two hands forming the shape of a heart

And just like that, Valentine’s Day is once again upon us. Unlike previous years, however, things are quite different this time around owing to the current pandemic.

That said, there are many ways for you to safely enjoy the day of hearts in Green Lake. Take a look at our recommendations:

Green Lake

One can’t talk about romantic destinations in the city without mentioning its eponymous lake. Green Lake, the deepest inland lake in Wisconsin, is a famed destination that offers stunning views and plenty of fun Valentine’s Day activities. When the lake freezes over during winter, many couples flock here to enjoy some outdoor ice skating. Its shore is also dotted with several cabins, restaurants, and cafes where you can spend some quality time with your significant other.

Copper Pond Lodge

For a rustic staycation experience, consider booking a cottage at Copper Pond Lodge. Its quaint but charming cabins offer everything you need for a romantic getaway, including a fireplace where you can cozy up with your sweetheart. And if you love the outdoors, you can also enjoy a leisurely hike through the nearby woods. Even better, your cottage is just 10 minutes away from Green Lake, one of the city’s most beautiful destinations.

Green Lake Conference Center

There’s nothing quite as breathtaking as the snow-covered beauty of Green Lake in winter. Luckily for couples, they can explore its wonders through a snowshoeing experience at Green Lake Conference Center. Its well-maintained trails span 12 miles and meander through prairies, hardwood forests, and spring-fed streams. You can bring your own snowshoes, but the venue also rents out equipment to visitors. If your romp through the snow works up your appetite, the conference center also offers many dining options to satisfy your cravings.

Wellspring Farm

Wellspring Farm offers a classic sleigh ride that’s straight out of a fairytale book. Each of their carriages is a meticulous Victorian-era replica and is drawn by horses reared on the farm itself. This experience takes guests on a tour around Ripon and Green Lake, two of the area’s most popular destinations. Be sure to free up space on your phone as you’ll surely be snapping photos of the many scenic spots you’ll pass by.


What is Valentine’s Day without a romantic dinner date? Luckily, Green Lake is home to Chops, a fine-dining restaurant that’s certain to impress your special someone. Whet your appetite with scrumptious appetizers like tenderloin crostini, spicy tuna rolls, and ahi tuna. The piece de resistance, of course, is Chops’ specialty: high-class steaks. Indulge in prime cuts like ribeye, filet mignon, and lamb chops, which are best paired with the restaurant’s extensive wine list. Just don’t forget to reserve your table beforehand and to observe proper safety precautions while dining in.

The abundance of romantic destinations is just one of the perks of living in Green Lake. If you’d like to call this wonderful city home, let our team help you find the perfect property. To get started, just contact us at 262.629.4747, or email contactus(at)emmerrealestate(dotted)com.

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