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Selling a house can cause anxiety and stress, especially if we have to do the pitching ourselves to potential buyers. Putting out an ad online may seem convenient and possibly lead to a sale, but we may not want to keep responding to inquiries and going through the hassle of scheduling an open house.

A listing agent will do the job.

A listing agent is a real estate professional who will help sell your home. One of their main responsibilities is coming up with a comparative market analysis or “comps” of how much similar homes in your neighborhood have sold for.

The comps serve as a guide, helping the homeowner decide on the sales price of their property given the going rates. If the asking price of a home is based on market rates, it reassures buyers that they’re being offered a fair price.

In 2019, home sellers got an average of 99% of their selling price, and their houses were sold within three weeks.
How to find the best listing agent? Look for these qualities and characteristics:

  • A listing agent who can offer a range of prices

    Factors that add to the price range include location, the temperature of the market, and improvements in the home. Ask the agent for data on the suggested list price. If the agent has none, that poses a problem.

  • A listing agent with experience

    How many homes have they sold in the past? And, on average, how long did it take them to sell the homes? Ask, too, how many properties they’re personally selling at the moment. The ideal agent could be someone currently trying to sell a dozen houses, but in such cases, don’t expect the agent to offer personalized service. Therefore, it’s only proper to ask the agent when they think they can sell the house.

  • A listing agent with a college degree

    A degree related to the skills needed to become a successful Realtor would be useful. A college degree establishes an agent’s knowledge about the fundamentals of buying and selling. It also reassures sellers that the agent has imbued the kind of structured thinking needed to analyze and keep track of the myriad details that come with a real estate transaction. When the agent’s college degree is totally unrelated to their current preoccupation, check out their CV for experiences in similar realms.

  • A listing agent who’s honest

    Your business relationship with an agent should be based on mutual trust and sincerity. Although everything about the sale will be on paper, experts advise that we use intuition when gauging agents. Verify your gut feel by talking to an agent’s previous clients.

  • A listing agent with a wide network

    How connected is the agent? Some homes sell because agents contacted other agents. Selling a house may not necessarily be about running classified ads in the local paper, posting it online, and holding an open house. The agent should know the kind of people who are likely buyers and how they can be reached.

  • A listing agent with negotiating skills

    An aggressive negotiator is not an agent who just wants to make a quick sale, but rather someone who knows how to seal the deal at the right time.

Finding out all these things should not take longer than a few days so the agent can get down to work as soon as possible.

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