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Fido and Fifi lived here: Selling a home that had pets

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“Dogs are a man’s best friend.” I’m sure that’s a phrase you’ve heard at least once in your life. Our close bond with them has deepened throughout the years, and most of us consider them as family members (I know I do!). This is why it comes as no surprise that 67% of U.S. households own a pet, and we’re not just talking about dogs!

However, owning a pet comes with its challenges, especially when you’re considering selling your house. I remember watching Marley and Me for the first time and seeing the mess that Marley did, especially during his first few weeks in the house! A little mess here and there is normal when you own pets, but that’s also something that can affect the marketability of your home if you plan on selling it. Also, not everyone is a fan of pets. My pets may be little angels in my own eyes but my friend, who is very much afraid of them, isn’t.

As much as I love my pets, I know other people might not feel the same way about them, and this can even turn off potential buyers if I want to sell my house. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t sell it at the highest sale price possible! While not everyone is comfortable with pets, there’s still something we can do to make our homes more appealing to them.

Don’t Take Pets To House Showings

We can’t always be sure that our pets will be on their best behavior especially when there are strangers in the house. Having our pets out of the way is the safest option not just for potential buyers that don’t like pets, but also for people who do have pets.

Just because they are okay with having pets around doesn’t automatically mean they will like ours. But if we can’t take our pets out of the house, we can always place them inside their pet carriers or cages. Just make sure to leave a note so that our potential buyers don’t try and pet them!

Our House Should Be Spotless

Whenever I’m buying anything that costs a lot, I make sure to examine it thoroughly. Our buyers will be doing the same thing so we have to make sure our house is clean and presentable! I surely don’t want to buy a house that looks messy, and neither does the next person. We have to make sure that all of our pets’ items, toys, and other belongings are neatly packed up and not just strewn on the floor.

Also, unpleasant stains and pet odors are another turnoffs. We must make sure to remove these stains and odors!

Ready To Sell Your House?

Having a realtor who has our best interests at heart will help us make sure that we get the best deal out of selling our house! Our team can provide you with the support you need, even in selling a home that had pets! If you’re also looking to buy a house, check out the other blogs on our site.

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