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Looking to sell your house fast in Wisconsin? Here are seven expert staging tips that will make your listing grab more attention and substantial offers from buyers:

  1. Depersonalize all living spaces

    Buyers that visit your home will always want to see spaces that they can envision as their very own. Turn your living spaces into a “blank canvas” by clearing away any of your personal decorations – from photos to collectibles and other trinkets. Remember: what you might find attractive for your living spaces might not always appeal the same way to others.

  2. Highlight the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen and dining area

    If you need to prioritize certain areas for your staging efforts and resources, keep these main spaces at the top of your list.

    Places like the living and dining rooms (often including the kitchen) are the most commonly used parts of the house, so buyers tend to pay close attention to every detail in these areas.

    The main bedroom, meanwhile, is the most personal part of the house. Aspiring buyers should feel the comfort that they can get from this private retreat as soon as they enter.

  3. Turn your bathroom into a private spa

    As one of the most private and intimate places in the house, bathrooms also deserve special attention when it comes to staging.

    Impress potential buyers by giving your bathrooms the luxury treatment: place scented candles or oil diffusers and prepare clean, warm towels to give it a spa-like ambience.

  4. Keep everything bright

    Well-lit environments appear larger and feel more pleasant. Welcome plenty of sunshine into your rooms and living areas by pulling curtains open during daytime visits.

    Better yet, update your light bulbs and add lamps to brighten up dark corners around your home. Install lights inside your closets and cabinets to showcase their storage capacity, as well.

  5. Pay attention to your home’s curb appeal

    Want to set the right mood for a positive and encouraging home tour? Stage outside your house and make a strong first impression when buyers visit.

    Spruce up your front yard and entryway with a thorough cleaning and reorganizing. You can also add fresh blooms and decorative plants to make your curb appeal pop with more natural vibrancy.

  6. Get all necessary repairs done

    Your home should not only look great, everything in it should also be in perfect working condition.

    In addition to checking for any cosmetic damage on your walls, countertops, and other finishes, look for creaky hinges, leaky faucets, or faulty electrical switches that need fixing, as well.

  7. Showcase your home’s most unique and most special features

    If you own a home with distinctive qualities – like direct access to a beautiful waterfront, for example – be sure that the spotlight is on them in your marketing materials.

    Unique features like these represent the full experience and lifestyle that your property can offer, so leave no stone unturned to make sure that they are noticed by your target buyers.

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