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small pier at green lake

The city of Green Lake, WI was platted on the northern shores of its namesake lake. Since the 1860s, visitors from all over the country have been visiting Green Lake to enjoy its historic small-town charm, unspoiled beauty, and numerous activities.

Come to Green Lake and experience what this unique community is all about. Here are some of the attractions you simply shouldn’t miss.

Lake Activities

With its maximum depth of 237 feet, Green Lake is the deepest natural lake in Wisconsin. It’s also known as Big Green Lake to distinguish it from its smaller neighbor, Little Green Lake, found 13 miles to the south. In addition to the two “Green Lakes”, the area is also home Puckaway Lake, found around 20 miles east of Big Green Lake.

In Green Lake, there’s never a shortage of things to do in and around the water. Sailing is one of the top activities here. Big Green Lake is home to several prestigious sailing regattas in Wisconsin. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing are also popular, and are the best ways to discover the many hidden coves and shoreline in the area.

Boating is a popular pastime, as well. There are seven public launch sites from where you can cruise around the lake aboard your boat or other watercraft.

Many seasoned and aspiring anglers come to Green Lake. Big Green Lake is considered one of the top spots for fishing in Wisconsin, but you’ll find a great catch in Puckaway Lake and Little Green Lake as well.

Hiking and Biking

There are a number of hiking and biking trails in Green Lake that showcase the area’s gorgeous natural features. You’ll find the perfect trail for your skill level, from paved paths to challenging uphill terrains. Along the way, marvel at the beautiful surroundings, go birdwatching and explore the natural habitats of various wildlife, butterflies, and other creatures. Check out this page for information on hiking trails in the area.


With its rich natural beauty, Green Lake is the perfect place for a day of golf. The highly-rated golf courses in and around the city incorporate centuries old trees, the rolling landscape, lakes, and other natural features to serve up a challenging but relaxing golfing experience.

Aficionados of the sport must try out the following golf courses:

Arts and Culture

There’s no shortage of arts and cultural attractions in this historic resort town. There are numerous art galleries that display the works of the city’s many resident artists. The Green Lake Fine Art Show, staged every August, is a waterfront event exhibiting the works of local and guest artists. Town Square, the community’s hub, and the Caestecker Public Library feature classes for various arts and crafts.

There are a number of music venues in the area, including Thrasher Opera House, which stages live performances in theater, opera, and dance. During the summer, Deacon Mills Park hosts Concerts in the Park, featuring performers of all music genres, from rock to marching bands.

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